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Coppelia London

On the 24th and 25th of May 2017, we presented the outcome of our R and D week on their project Coppélia at Jacksons Lane in London. The R and D was supported by The Arts Council England, Lab:time and the National Centre for Circus Arts and the Hangar Arts Trust. After two sell out performances in London we are currently recreating the show for The Edinburgh Fringe

‘Love: paternal, possessive, unrequited, unknown. Coppélia explores what happens when desire dominates reason, when jealousy leads sanity astray, and when, as so often in love, all is not quite as it seems. The infamous ballet will be stripped bare, swallowed and spat out through the compelling voice of contemporary circus, transforming this Hans Bellmer-esque tale of a mechanical doll into a Freudian nightmare. The powerful story of infatuation, mechanisation and domination, will be realised in an experimental, multidisciplinary fashion. Circus, film and spoken word sit side by side, a unique examination of love and the uncanny, with Chinese Pole, Cyr Wheel, Aerial Hoop, Dance Trapeze, Juggling, and Hand to Hand performances.’


Director/ producer – Joanna Vymeris
Assistant producer – Gillian Vymeris
Technical director and lighting designer – Petr Vocka
Designer – Connie Dent
Stage Manager – Matthew Gardner
Assistant director – Gareth Mattey
Publicity designer – Charlotte Randall
Photographers – Abi Rice, Noel Shelley, Mark Neal, Be a Cadwaller
Film maker – Izabela Barszcz
Poet – Sophie Leseberg Smith
Coppélia. – Nathalie Alison
Dr Coppélias – Michelle Ross
Swanhilda – Laura Moy
Franz – Pascal Haering










Rehearsal shots by Abi Rice:

Rehearsal shots by Noel Shelley:

Show photos by Noel Shelley:

Show photos by Bea Cadwaller: